Introduction and Welcome

Welcome to Real Co-op Stories.


Hello, my name is Ana Ulin. I am a software engineer. I have worked in the tech industry for about 20 years, give or take. And for the last few years I’ve been on this journey to find better ways to build software. I’ve been exploring more democratic, cooperative ways of working.

And as part of that exploration, I wanted to talk to people who have started co-ops, people who work for co-ops, people who have worked for co-ops, but then gave that up. I wanted to learn: How did they get started? What are the things they’ve learned? What advice they have for people like me, who are seeking better ways of making a living? What pitfalls to look for? And, is it all worth it?

This podcast is me sharing some of those conversations in the hopes that they might be helpful for someone else too.

So welcome. Welcome to Real Co-op Stories.